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although we grope with little faith

struck by that unintimate light, and made feel less alone than I rightly should,
for traveler there could do me no good, were I in trouble with night
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Staff Meeting, 12/18/92 (transcript)

A full and complete transcript of the [first hour of the] second bi-monthly senior staff meeting held December '92, following the Dueling Club disaster and the petrificiation of Justin Finch-Fletchley and Sir Nicholas Mimsey-Porpington, minutes taken by Professor F. Flitwich HRH and archived here.

While this was a regularly scheduled meeting, usual procedures such as Old Business, Budget, Prefectural Business, and Reminding Professor Lockhart He Is Not Actually Senior Staff were dispensed with by mutual unspoken consent due to the pressing nature of recent events.Collapse )

Jan. 5th, 2007

Name: Severus Snape
Format: Resolutions
Date: 1997
Relevance: Psychological profile?
Warning for dark. Mostly as in 'needs a bright monitor for some of the text,' but hey.

#6: Grasp and traverse the difference between emogothic fatalism and genuine stoicism (trans: decide the grapes are sour and btw get over yourself).Collapse )
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Horcrux Hunt threads

Harry hates on Snape in the mixer. Ron, too.

Harry explains discretion to witty!Hermione.
Ron very subtly crushes on her. (witty!Hermione's letter-home post)

Remus teaches Harry wandless magic. (Harry's how not to die post)

Late Second War threads

Arrangement with Lupin after PoA. (Mixer thread)

Snarking with Sirius at Grimmauld after Malfoy spots Padfoot (Mixer thread)

The Defense profesor requires Ginny to guest-lecture on her Chamber of Secrets experience, with sides of Quiddich and Lockheart. (Mixer thread)

Rats and baboons (Mixer thread)

Knives, spoons, sledgehammers, and Bella. (Mixer thread)

Harry is Reg's part-time minion. (Mixer thread)

Starting to hammer out Emmeline's death with secondsilk (Mixer thread)

On the possibility that Dementors notice the Mark. (Bella's VdM ressurection/eyeball post)
Also? Moody's not an idiot.

Draco objects to his living conditions following HBP. Meta!Snape is not impressed, and Harry is on the crack again if he thinks it's no one's business that he's shacking up with the son of the Crown Prince of Creepification.

Er. Sirius. Ehhh? (Harry's possible-Horcrux post)

Draco and Harry negotiate turniness.
And with Lucius, who is paranoid less open to the idea. (Harry's possible-Horcrux post)

Severus fumes about his job all over Albus.

Early Second War threads

Sev wants to know what Dumbledore's sherbet lemons are really made of. (Mixer thread)

Draco's Lucius imitation could use some work. (Mixer thread)

John Avery is a skeeze. (Mixer thread)

Lucius and Albus set each other up the bomb.

MOODY ROCKS! And is petrified. (Mixer thread)

Albus sent Severus to visit Sirius in Azkaban. (Sirius's guiltyguilty post)
Lily's ghost visits without being sent.

Igor and Sev are disatisfied with each other. (Igor's Yule Ball post)

Narcissa unsettles herself.

Snape doesn't like the idea killing Peter with sticky rice, and the marauding little rodent avoided the poisoned apple trick. :(
Gus offers a more useful threat than cheese.
Sev and Reg compare Peter and Kreacher, and Sev is thrilled to be ignorant about the Kreacher/pants ship.
Snape and Potter (sr) explode on each other.
Lily understands the pain of finding errant Animagi in the larder.
Uncle Severus reads Draco The Tail of One Bad Rat and What Happened to it when it was Foul and Ill-Mannered.
S. Snape, PM, explains to Harry the level of detail he expects in an OWL year essay.
Lucius has no sense of humor about Pettigrew. o.O
Emmeline gets the brunt of Severus's Occlumency-lesson hysteria.

First War threads

Rus and Emmeline talk torture. (Mixer thread)

In fluid time, Narcissa is creepy at Moody and Rus messes with him like whoa--maybe.
Sev, on the other hand, sees parallels (not to mention rabid wolverines and frozen rabbits), but forgoes mindfucks for those without the mother-wit to appreciate them.(Moody's leg-loss post)

Narcissa offers Severus her bower and lets him bitch about Draco. (Mixer thread)

Narcissa announces her engagement to Bella, who was out when everyone else heard. (Bella's flower-boy post)

Luke isn't very tactful about inviting Severus to the wedding.

Narcissa and Gus discuss Rookwood's work (mixer thread).

Lily and Narcissa hate on each other after graduation. Ostensibly over a tortoise. But maybe Luke's hair pomade, too. And Severus thinks Narcissa's being nice. Kinda. It could happen!

Sev and Luci LuluLuke get a bit stroppy. (Mixer thread)

Narcissa tells her sister she's officially engaged. Bella tries not to hate on Lucius too obviously out loud. (Bella's flower post)

Sev doesn't quite see the point of Mr. Fuzzems.

Tantrum over Reg's death at the tombstone, and a plot to make ghosts tangible is sparked. (Mixer thread)
Severus resumes gravestone kicking and wonders whether ghostly hair is ruffleable.

Peter wonders, why Potions? (mixer thread)

Voldemort makes hurtful jokes at the expense of his devoted minion. (Mixer thread)

James won't let Harry get a tattoo. (Harry's how not to die post)

Harry think's he's a good reason for James and Lily to get married, despite being soggy, loud, and very smelly.
Despite agreeing, Lily doesn't want to rush in.
Meanwhile, Reg won't pretend to be happy about it. Or pass info.

Augustus Rookwood is the scariest guy in the DE. For serious.

Severus realizes he's implied masochism to a genuine psychopath.
And then goes on to discuss knitting needles with him and Narcissa.
While Rus talks to Emmeline about pain.

Dumbledore explains Mrs. Figg's job to Lily.

School Era threads

In which Severus fishes his foot out of his mouth and distracts Rus from his actual ginormous crush (Mixer thread).

Aw, Very's found someone to abuse him the way he's used to! ♥ (Mixer thread)

Severus doesn't know quite what to make of Molly's muggle-style divi game and plots to drive her crazy years later at Grimmauld. (Molly's romantic-silliness post)

Severus and Regulus discuss talent, and whether the Marauders ought to be poisoned (mixer thread).

Sirius and Narcissa have one of those conversations Sev doesn't know about.
Narcissa thinks Lily should explain how to walk to some Hufflepuffs.

Narcissa's bitching about Lily goes over Severus's head, but they understand each other pretty well otherwise.

Rus and Reg decide that killing is a joyous duty. Sev thinks it's a grave matter, and tries (horribly unsuccessfully) not to a) look like a target or b) flirt.
Sev will cheer Reg up even if it means he has to spike the eggnog and (shudder) drink some himself. But his hair is effective against Gryffindors! (Reg's Crucio-virginity post)